blog Our goal: A great au pair experience through continuous support

Our goal: A great au pair experience through continuous support

Posted by September 18, 2018 • 2 minutes read

Based on our own experience (as described in Our Vision) our third goal is to

Make au pairing a great experience for both sides by continuous support throughout the whole au pair time.

Are we already there? Nearly!

This is what we’ve implemented so far:

  • An online tool to easily set up an au pair handbook which helps to clarify expectations and by that make au pairing a great experience for both sides. Families can share it with their au pair online or print it out and hand it over to the au pair as a book.
  • A truly multi-lingual community (something you won't find anywhere else...), where au pairs and host families get support from other users as well as the connectAuPair team - currently already in 8 languages!
  • The nearBy function to easily find other au pairs or families nearby (if they activated nearby) and get in contact with them in real life
  • Pricing model with decreasing prices for monthly payments and a low priced yearly membership fee to make it easy to stay with connectAuPair troughout the whole au pair time
  • Integration of agencies, which is especially valuable for countries like the USA, where it's mandatory by law to involve an agency and China, where it's very difficult to obtain a visa for the au pair without the help of an agency

And that’s what we plan to implement:

  • An event calendar for au pair meetings (organized privately or by partner agencies), travel arrangements especially for au pairs,  language courses,,...

Many of the described features only unfold their full potential, if hundreds of thousands of au pairs and families join connectAuPair. 

The tens of thousends users who already joined connectAuPair are a good start, but many more need to register to make our vision come true!

Do you share our vision?

Then it’s time for you to join connectAuPair! 

And to tell all your friends, followers, colleagues,... to join connectAuPair!

Join connectAuPair today and make our vision come true!

Did we miss an important aspect? Leave a comment below to let us know!

Maria Knauer
September 18, 2018
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Maria Knauer