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Our goal: Make finding the perfectMatch fast and easy

Posted by September 18, 2018 • 2 minutes read

Based on our own experience (as described in Our Vision) our second goal is to

Help families and au pairs to find the perfectMatch with minimum effort and at low cost

Are we already there? Here again, not fully yet. But we're very close!

This is what we’ve implemented so far:

  • A sophisticated country information database, containing information about hundreds of different rules (we didn't expect there were so many...!) for who can become an au pair in which host country, based on citizenship, age and language know-how. Only due to this database, we can tell every au pair in which countries (s)he can become an au pair and prevent that host families get contacted by au pairs who can't even come to their host country.
  • Several matching criteria & filters covering also required skills and expected habits including advanced settings / search options for language skills, as we are convinced that language skills are the most important matching criteria
  • A structured questionnaire to tell "more about me/us" in several languages to help au pairs and host families to introduce themselves and not forget any important information
  • A predefined album structure for pictures, so that again no aspect is forgotten
  • Upload of documents to proof child care experience, language skills, references, etc
  • Adding users to favorite groups and the possibility to add private notes to a user. For a better overview, matching results can then be filtered by favorites and the existence of notes.
  • All functionality totally for free for au pairs, 7 days free trial period for families

And that’s what we plan to implement:

  • Families will soon be able to decide to only be contacted by au pairs who match all of their matching criteria. That's especially valuable for families in very popular host countries who otherwise are spammed by messages from way too many (not matching) au pairs.
  • Improved favorites list for an even better overview, including a detailed comparison of user profiles
  • Introduction of further filter / matching criteria to find the perfectMatch even faster

Many of the described features only unfold their full potential, if hundreds of thousands of au pairs and families join connectAuPair. 

The tens of thousands users who already joined connectAuPair are a good start, but many more need to register to make our vision come true!

Do you share our vision?

Then it’s time for you to join connectAuPair! 

And to tell all your friends, followers, colleagues,... to join connectAuPair!

Join connectAuPair today and make our vision come true!

Did we miss an important aspect? Leave a comment below to let us know!

Maria Knauer
September 18, 2018
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Maria Knauer