Wie wird man Au-pair in Italien?

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Italien has 7 different programs for the different au pair citizenships.
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program basics

Working Holiday

minimum age

17 18 18

maximum age

30 30 30


no visa required

visa required

estimated visa processing time

: 15


visa required

language requirements

There are no minimum language skills required

There are no minimum language skills required

There are no minimum language skills required

short program description

The au pair program is aimed to offer the chance to young people to have an experience abroad while being hosted in families with children.

The main goal is to allow them to perfect their professional and language skills while broadening their cultural horizons. The au pair then takes part in family life literally on "equal terms" helping with everyday chores and taking care of its younger members. All of this in principle for no more than 5 hours a day and 6 days a week, in order to allow the au pairs to pursue the cultural side of this experience (e.g. with a language course or by taking part in the social life of the country that receives them).

The main purpose of the Working Holiday Visa program is to give a chance to youths from countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Korea to experience Italian culture and lifestyle while improving their language skills. Although not specifically intended for au pairs, it offers them a viable and convenient opportunity to enter Italy and stay up to twelve months, working not more than three months in the same family and for a total amount of six months in this country.

Click on your relevant country to get official information about the program.

Youngsters are offered the chance to enter Italy through a student visa. In order to do so, candidates must enroll in an intensive Italian language course (at least 20 hrs per week). 

Besides attending their courses, they are allowed to work (limits apply - for more details please read the section "other restrictions" below). This could include being an au pair, in fact, while this visa program is not specifically aimed at au pairs, the idea of attending a language course appears to be consistent with the cultural purposes which are implicit in the whole concept of the "au pair experience".

Here you can visit official pages that provide information and answers to FAQ regarding visa for Italy.

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